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How to Banana

keyboard_arrow_rightNew players' guide

Getting started

To first start, you will need to use !createaccount.
You'll start of as a Level 1 with �100!

To start off, you might want to have a look at your profile. You can do this with !myinfo.
The bot will respond with something a little like:

:pen_fountain: DeveloperAnonymous's information.

This is your basic stock profile.
Next to your avatar is your banner that has your battle name, level and current exp shown on it.
On the left you can see the last eight awards you got (starting with the most recent).
In the information section you can see your stats, cash, equipped weapon and wager/quest stats.
Your profile can be customized with themes, banners and backgrounds.

If you want to improve your stats a little (helps with quests early on), you can !train every six hours.

DeveloperAnonymous training complete!
The stats gained from this are random!
(in the range of 0.1 to 0.2)

Want a little pocket money? Try !daily!

:moneybag: DeveloperAnonymous collected their daily �50!
You can do this once every 24 hours


Quests are the main way to gain exp and stats.
Every 6 minutes you get a chance of a quest spawn (you are not guaranteed a quest every time).

When you do you a quest the bot will send you a "new quest" alert like the one below!

:crossed_swords: DeveloperAnonymous New Quest!

The level of quests you get will be near (but not exactly) your level.
"Kill the" is the spawn message you can set when you create a quest.

If you want to accept this quest first check !myquests.
You'll see a list like this:

:crossed_swords: DeveloperAnonymous's Quests!

This is what your quest list will look like with a few active quests.
The little blue box in the top left corner of a quest is that quest's number (used for !questinfo and !acceptquest).
The little icons in the bottom right corner are meant to give you an idea of how hard the quest is (red being hard and green easy).

So if you've checked your !myquests you should now know the number of the quest you want to accept.
BUT first you probably should (unless the quest appears super easy) check the quests stats.
You can do this with !questinfo <quest number>

:pen_fountain: Here you go.

!questinfo is similar to !myinfo just without the awards and for quests.

Okay! So you're ready to take on the quest now!
Do !acceptquest <quest number>

DeveloperAnonymous :vs: Slime
Battle log
DeveloperAnonymous punched the Slime
( DeveloperAnonymous hit the Slime ⇆ The Slime licked DeveloperAnonymous ) × 2
The Slime licked DeveloperAnonymous
( DeveloperAnonymous slapped the Slime ⇆ The Slime tickled DeveloperAnonymous ) × 2
:trophy: The Slime wins in 10 turns!
Quest results
:skull: DeveloperAnonymous lost to the Slime and dropped ¤36

Oh no! You lost!
It must be RIGGED /s
But really losing quests is quest common, especially early on.
You may find it hard to get started, but remember you'll always have !train and !daily.

DeveloperAnonymous :vs: Slime
Battle log
(The Slime scratched DeveloperAnonymous ) × 3
(The Slime kicked DeveloperAnonymous DeveloperAnonymous stabs the Slime ) × 2
The Slime licked DeveloperAnonymous
:trophy: DeveloperAnonymous wins in 8 turns!
Quest results
:sparkles: DeveloperAnonymous defeated the Slime and was rewarded with ¤75

Yay! We have a winner!
When you beat a quest you'll get a cash reward and stats!
The amount of cash you get depends on how hard the quest is and what weapons were used.
Same for stat gain.

Common problems!
The bot won't let me do the quest but I'm strong!

:bangbang: You can't afford the risk!
This does not mean you're weak!
It means you don't have the money to start the quest.
You need half the reward of a quest to start it, as it you lose the quest you'll lose that cash.
You cannot go into debt.

I only get +0.01 stats WTF!
Ha! You can't use OP weapons agaist poor little quests with weak or crappy weapons and expect a big reward.
Give your quests weapons and don't use your ULTRA MEGA CANNON agaist your poor little slime quest.


When you have a little cash you'll probably want to get yourself a weapon.
On BattleBanana, weapons are created by the admins on whatever server you're on and appear in that server's shop!

If you want to have a look at what's on offer on the server you're on do !shop weaps (there are more than just weapons sold in the shop).
You'll see something like this:

BattleBanana's Weapon Shop!
:video_game: | Nintendo Switch
:crossed_swords: | Louis XIV Sword
:gun: | reggaD
:money_with_wings: | Money
:moneybag: | Investment
:cat: | Bad Tom
:snowflake: | Cryogenic Pistol
:gun: | Ghaster Blaster
:gun: | Musket with Bayonet
:frog: | Dank Pepe
:sun_with_face: | Sunlight Straight Sword
:scream: | Scream
But wait there's more! Do !shop weapons 2

This is the first page of the shop on the support server.
Join if you want one of these weapons!

To have a closer look at a weapon in the shop do !shop <weapon name> it will bring up the weapons stats card.

:gun: | Musket with Bayonet
Hit Message
shoots at or lunges at
Image supplied by weapon creator.

You can also see this card after you buy the weapon by doing !myweapons <weapon name>.
The price shown then will be how much the weapon will sell for - not how much it cost you!

So you've found a nice weapon?
Do !buy <weapon name>!

DeveloperAnonymous bought a Musket with Bayonet for �361

If you already have a weapon equipped, you'll have to equip your new weapon!

To see your weapons and switch out which one you're using do !myweapons.

DeveloperAnonymous' Weapons
Currently equipped: :banana: | Banana Gun
:dagger: | Dagger
:laughing: | TrollWeapon
:spoon: | Dente
:shield: | Legendary Shovel
:gun: | Metralhadora
:gun: | Musket with Bayonet
Do !equip (weapon name) to equip a weapon.

You can store up to 6 weapons and have one equipped!

You can unequip your current weapon with !unequip but unless you want to fight bare-handed there is no need to unequip.
Swapping weapons is done with the !equip <weapon name> command.


As well as weapons you can get themes, banners, and backgrounds for your profile in the shop.
Only I (DeveloperAnonymous) can add these items though you're welcome to suggest ideas.

You can view the list of whats on offer as well as view a preview the same as with weapons.
Checking the list of themes (for example), is the same as with weapons but you swap "weaps" for "themes" (!shop themes).
Just doing !shop will tell you this.

:wave: Welcome to the BattleBanana general store!
Please have a look in some of our splendiferous departments!
!shop backgrounds
!shop banners
!shop themes
!shop weapons

For more info on the new shop do !help shop

We have the best departments.
The best.
Nobody has a better departments than we do!

Here's an example of how you could get your profile looking.

:pen_fountain: DeveloperAnonymous's information.

This is my profile with the Material Blue theme and the Geometric background.
Themes set your background, banner and the ui design.
But you can still change your banner and background with a theme.

Other stuff

But wait there's more!

This guide just covers the basics to get you started!
There is a bunch more stuff that you can check out!

Have a look at the full command list

keyboard_arrow_rightServer admins' guide

Setting up

Bot prefix

There are a lot of bots now and too few prefixes to go around.

When you first add the bot it will respond to the very overused ! prefix, but this can be changed very quickly with the !setcmdkey command.

!setcmdkey d$

Command prefix on BattleBanana set to d$!

The prefix can be any one to two character string.


After adding the bot you may want to limit its use to certain channels or not allow it to send unprompted alerts in some channels.
This can be done with the !shutup command.

:mute: I won't send any alerts in this channel!
If you meant to disable commands too do !shutup all.

This is the result of just running !shutup.
BattleBanana will still respond to commands but won't send any alerts e.g. "new quest" here.

Doing !shutup all will completely disable the bot in a channel.

:mute: Disabled all commands in this channel for non-admins!

The bot will still reply to users with the Banana Commander role or server admins.
It still won't send any alerts to them though.

If come you to see what a horrible mistake you made and want to allow BattleBanana to work in a channel again you can do !unshutup.

:speaker: Okay! I'll once more send alerts and listen for commands in this channel!

Just look how happy he is!

You can also have it so only certain commands are allowed in some channels with !whitelist and !blacklist.

!whitelist myinfo battle info myquests

:notepad_spiral: Whitelist in this channel set to the following commands: info, myinfo, battle, myquests

These would be the only commands usable in the channel.
A blacklist would do the opposite, all but the commands listed would work.

To reset a whitelist or blacklist, you can just run the command with no arguments.

Creating weapons

When the bot first joins your server, the weapon shop will be very bare - with just a single dagger available.
Though fear not! You can make any weapon you like for your server!

If you just want to make a really basic weapon with just a name, an attack message and damage and accuracy,
you can do something like this:

!createweapon "Laser" "FIRES THEIR LAZOR AT" 100 50

That would create this weapon:

:gun: | Laser
Hit Message
Image supplied by weapon creator.

The weapon is a "Laser" with the attack message "FIRES THEIR LAZOR AT" and it has 100 damage and 50% accuracy.

If you want to make a weapon that's a little more interesting you can add a few extra parameters.

!createweapon "Laser" "FIRES THEIR LAZOR AT" 100 50 True :flashlight:

That would give you this:

:flashlight: | Laser
Hit Message
Image supplied by weapon creator.

This weapon is the same as before but it now has a custom image (that will appear in the shop and battles). It also has a different emoji icon and is marked as a ranged weapon.

That's pretty much it for making weapons!
Some things to note
  • You cannot set the price of weapons.
    This is because the bot and any weapons you create can be used on any server.

  • The max accuracy is 86% - no weapon can have more than this.

  • The min damage and accuracy is 1.

Creating quests

Like with weapons you can create any quests you like for your server!

To make a simple quest you could do something like:

!createquest "Mega Mouse" 1.3 2 1.1 32

The "Mega Mouse" will have the base values:
1.3 Attack
2 Strength
1.1 Accuracy
32 HP

Here's how it will spawn:

:crossed_swords: DeveloperAnonymous New Quest!

Not the best!
It just has the default icon and message.

:pen_fountain: Here you go.

Its stats are derived from the base stats in the command.
Note that there is not a 1:1 correlation.

If you want to spice up this quest a little you could do:

!createquest "Mega Mouse" 1.3 2 1.1 32 "Oh crap it's a" "Dagger" 21
This is the same command as before, we've just added a little more to it.

Here's how it would spawn now:

:crossed_swords: DeveloperAnonymous New Quest!

Now the quest has a custom avatar and spawn message!

:pen_fountain: Here you go.

It also has the dagger equipped now!
Giving your quests weapons makes them harder but will mean you get much better rewards.

Cool, now you should have some understanding of how to make quests!
There is still a little more you can do - set channels for your quests.

This is done with the !editquest channel <channel> command (it allows you to edit any other attribute of your quest too).
The channel you set can be any channel the bot can see or "all"/"none".

You can check the quest's on your server with !serverquests.

:crossed_swords: Quests on BattleBanana
The Soviet Union
Completed 39 times
Active channel: All
Completed 64 times
Active channel: All
Pokemon Trainer
Completed 5 times
Active channel: All
Completed 8 times
Active channel: All
Toad Corp
Completed 9 times
Active channel: All
Completed 14 times
Active channel: All
Completed 21 times
Active channel: All
Completed 31 times
Active channel: All
Shadow Person
Completed 14 times
Active channel: All
That's all!
Here you can check how many times the quests you've made have been beat,
and what channels they are active on.

Doing !serverquests <quest name> will show a quests base stats (good for checking or editing).

Quest information for the Mega Mouse
You can edit these values with !editquest "mega mouse" (values)
Base stats
:punch: Attack: 1.3
:muscle: STRG: 2
:dart: ACCY: 1.1
:heart: HP: 32
:new: Spawn %: 21

Other attributes
:frame_photo: Image:
:speech_left: Task message: "Oh crap it's a"
:gun: Weapon: :dagger: | Dagger
:tv: Channel: All

Mega Mouse
A good thing to check here is if your image works.
If you don't see a thumbnail in the top corner it doesn't!

Some things to note
  • You cannot spawn quests.

  • A quest's spawn chance cannot be over 25%.

  • Base HP must be at least 30, all other base values must be at least 1.

Final things

Giving users bot permissions
You can give anybody permission to use admin commands on BattleBanana by giving them the Banana Commander role.
This role is created by the bot when it joins your server. It does not add any extra permissions to whoever has it.
That's all!
Okay not really. I add more to the bot when I can and this guide does not cover everything.

See what else there is right now on the full command list